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e-invoicing platform with eArchiving
  The e-invoicing platform BizLayer is global solution that allows the creation, distribution, management, storage & eArchiving of electronic invoices over the Internet.

The BizLayer's principal features are:

deployment speed, easy use, reduce associated costs, improve your business control, legal validity of electronic documents and heterogeneus environment integration.

Useful: Understand the heterogenous invoce senders and receivers problem.

  Complete: Solves the document distribution and document lifecycle.

  Global solution: economically, functional and technological.

  Open: A meeting point to business comunities.

Invoice eArchiving option (Sistema de Notificación y custodia de la FNMT)

Full integration with enterprise systems option

it allows to carry out the shipment, pursuit and the downloading of the invoices

Secure access through multiple authenticated channels

Manage digital certificates and SSL secure channels